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Criminology classes in a Parisian law faculty: a little essay

An interesting, albeit naive, uninformed to the extreme and typically French ideological and partisan little essay, pertaining to how bad criminology classes can be when they are taught in a law faculty: It is plain that the young author has not learnt anything useful, nor evidence-based when attending these classes!

A student’s little essay

This paper has been published on Mr Muchielli’s blog, with the hope, I assume, to convince his readers that one should not opt for criminology faculties. What he actually shows is that LAW faculties should not have the monopoly of teaching criminology (forget about research. Research really?) as their incompetence is pitiful.

What it does not prove, contrary to what Mr. Muchielli seems to imply is that there should be no criminology faculties. What would otherwise be left ? Mr Muchielli and others would want us to believe that his former institute the CESDIP is the only place where there actually are French criminologists (despite also saying that there is no such thing as criminology, a contradiction which we have previously denounced). But where is the applied research? Where are the armies of PhD students? Where are, more importantly the diplomas and amphitheaters full of students? We are back to a predictable square one.

What this little paper, with all the naivety, narrow-mindedness, misinformation and pedantic rethoric of a very young man who has not benefitted from a rigorous, demanding, practical and challenging training teaches us, is that criminology faculties are greatly needed.